Little Pillars Madrasah
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We provide fun and engaging Islamic lessons to children aged 3-12 in Thornlie, with weekly topics, such as “Who is Allah?”, “Let’s Learn to Calm Down”, and “Salah is the Key to Jannah”. We spend time reciting the Qur’an, practicing Arabic letters, listening to stories, and making craft projects related to the topic of the week. Lessons are derived from Qur’an and Sunnah.
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39 Towncentre Drive
Thornlie WA
Short Description
Qaswa is the name of Rasulullah's favourite camel that he rode for Hijrah and the liberation of the city of Makkah.
In that spirit, we aim to be a vehicle that facilitates spiritual and intellectual growth for Muslims to thrive in this challenging age.
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123 Wharf St, Cannington WA
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