Mission Statement

Dear Brothers and Sisters

Assalaamu Alaikum (Peace Be Upon You)

AussieMuslims.NET is a website focused on providing you with a comprehensive information source for the  West Australian Muslim community. The website provides a variety of services such as:

      • A list of all Mosques and Prayer Halls
      • Current Athan Times
      • Community Events
      • Business Directory Service
      • Islamic Articles and FAQ’s
      • Up to date community news and announcements
      • Ramadan and Eid Dates
      • Hajj Packages on offer

AussieMuslims.NET was officially launched on the 15th of September 2006 – prior to the on-set of the Holy month of Ramadan!

The website has been developed and designed by I.T. professionals, with industry knowledge and know-how. It is focused on providing the West Australian Muslim, its target customer group, with a vital information service in a user-friendly and reliable manner.

The purpose of AussieMuslims.NET is to provide the West Australian Islamic community with a comprehensive and reliable knowledge base, containing the listing of up-to-date announcements and events that are currently happening within the West Australian Islamic community. We strive to provide a service that is long-lasting, beneficial and ultimately – supported by the broader Muslim community insha-allah (God Willing).

With the Grace of Allah, our intention is to allow all community organisations to participate within the community – to be united, by being informed.

If you would like to contribute to this website by making your events or establishment known to the Australian Muslim community, or have any  suggestions and ideas , please email us on info@aussiemuslims.net

Best Regards and Salaam

Ma’en N Abdulla



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