Ramadan 2020 / 1441

Mosque / Centre Following Ramadan Start Date ARMADALE – Armadale Masjid and Islamic Center ANIC TBAth April 2020 CANNING VALE – Canning Vale Community Centre Moon Sighting TBAth April 2020 CANNINGTON – Masjid Al-Sunnah (DAWA Centre) ANIC TBAth April 2020 CAVERSHAM – Swan Valley Mosque (Bosnian Islamic Society Perth) Bosnia TBAth April 2020 DIANELLA – (Jim Satchel, Stirling Community Centre) Moon SIghting TBAth April 2020…

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This could be your last Ramadaan

REMEMBER the beginning of Ramadan last year: the festive supermarkets with their jampacked aisles, the makeshift roadside stalls outside restaurants selling crisp sambusas and subiya, the sounds of Adhan emanating from Masajid… My house overlooked a Maghsalat-Al-Amwaat Al-Khairiyyah (a charitable organization which prepares bodies for burial in the Islamic manner),…

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