United For Palestine Fundraiser

A Ladies Only Fundraising Dinner, proceeds of which will be donated to our brothers and sisters in Palestine via Muslim Aid Australia.

A land that was the home to many of our Prophets including Ibrahim AS, Ishak AS, Yaqub AS, Dawud AS, Sulayman AS, Zakariyah AS, Yahya AS

Allah SWT calls it the “Holy Land”. He also calls it “Blessed”.
It holds Masjeed Al Aqsa, our first kiblah before the Kaabah.
It is the site of Isra wal Mi’raj.
Talut and Dawud defeated Jalut and his army in this land. And Isa AS will also defeat Dajjal on this land.
According to the hadith, the Angels have their wings enveloped over this land.
Palestine is bleeding. Our brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers, daughters and sons need our help. We can’t be there to help them, but we share their sorrow and loss.
Join us for a ladies only fundraising dinner held at Le Marrakech, in the Perth Hills, Swan Valley. Accompanying the delicious food and good company will be a motivational speech, Quran recitation, halal entertainment, as well as loud and silent auctions, all with the aim to help our brothers and sisters in Palestine. All proceeds will be donated to the Palestinian people through Muslim Aid Australia.
Let us do what we can to help the people who are safeguarding our blessed Masjeed Al Aqsa.

The event is finished.


Sunday, 11 Jul 2021


4:30 PM - 9:00 PM



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