Protest for Palestine, No War on Gaza

Please adhere to these rules:

1. Avoid confrontations: Stay away from confrontations or engaging with counter-protesters or law enforcement, Our goal is to maintain a peaceful atmosphere.

2.Stand united: Let’s focus on our common cause and embrace unity among all participants, rather than allowing potential differences to divide us.

3.Cooperate with authorities: It is important to work with law enforcement or event organisers, following their instructions to ensure the safety and order of everyone involved.

4.Communicate respectfully: We can still be assertive and engage in respectful and peaceful communication, avoiding aggressive or inflammatory language that may incite conflicts.

5.Observe laws and regulations: Please adhere to local laws and regulations throughout the demonstration, ensuring that our actions remain peaceful and lawful.

The event is finished.


Friday, 13 Oct 2023


5:30 PM - 6:30 PM

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