AFIC Press Release: Over 20,000 Children Missing in Gaza: A Call to Action

According to a recent report by Save the Children, more than 20,000 children in Gaza are currently missing, presumed to be lost, detained, or buried under rubble. This staggering statistic highlights the severe and ongoing crisis in the region.

The Australian Federation of Islamic Councils (AFIC) is compelled to ask:
• How has the international community allowed the situation to reach such dire proportions?
• Why has there been such an appallingly lacking response to the plight of thousands of innocent children?
• How many more children must suffer before the world takes notice?

It is deeply troubling that amidst widespread global discourse on human rights and international law, the children of Gaza remain notably absent from the urgent priorities of the world’s powers. What does it reveal about our collective humanity when the lives of so many young ones are overshadowed by political complexities and diplomatic hesitancies?

How many international laws and conventions must be trampled upon before the world takes definitive action.

AFIC strongly urges the Australian government, along with international bodies, to re-evaluate their roles and influence in bringing about a swift and just resolution to this crisis. It is unacceptable for the world to stand by as more than 20,000 children remain unaccounted for in Gaza.

Dr Rateb Jneid, President of AFIC, stated, “The international community, including Australia, must do everything in its power to bring an end to what the ICJ has described as a plausible genocide. Every moment of inaction contributes to the suffering of the innocent and the erosion of global moral integrity.”

This is not just a plea for help, it is a call for urgent moral action. The world must not fail the children of Gaza—our silence and inaction are complicit. We must act now to save these lives and restore humanity to where it has been painfully absent.

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