Our Centre

The Muslim community has been growing rapidly in Western Australia over the last 30 years.

This growth has seen a need for more facilities for the Muslim Community. Places of worship have been established but what is required is more than that.

  • We need a place where the youth can come to not only worship spiritually but physically too.
  • We need a place where positive and informative dialogue can take place to make sure that the correct ideals of Islam are explained.
  • We need a place where people who require different types of assistance will be catered for by experienced people.
  • We need a place where there are facilities and services available to the Muslim community.

It is because of this foresight that Our Centre Ltd was created.

We would like Our Centre to be the hub for all the requirements of the Muslim community and for this to happen, we are planning to purchase land to establish Our Centre. Once the land is purchased then we will go further with our plans to build facilities that will achieve the goals that have been set out.

Our Centre has been created with the goals and ideals to make sure that the Muslim community has a place where they can turn to for assistance but also a place where, with all the programs and facilities that we plan to create, inspire the Muslim community to be upstanding, productive, and positive members of society.

Our Mission

To Run A Centre That Facilitates Services That Leads To the Spiritual Upliftment Of The Muslim Community.

Our Vision

A strong and United Muslim community in harmony with all

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