Ellenbrook’s Islamic Youth Centre – Expression of Interest (DTYC)

Alhamdulillah and with great appreciation, Sheikh Anwar Gallie is currently in the process of launching an Islamic Youth Centre in Ellenbrook under the name of “Dar Al Tawheed Youth Centre – DTYC” which will be of great benefit to the community in the region Jazahu Allah Kul Khayr.

One of the initial initiatives will be to start Islamic Studies for the youth in the community which will have a very limited number of vacancies due to the size of the premises currently being considered.

In order to secure a spot for your children we ask you to fill out the attached “Expression of Interest” form and forward it to dtycrego@gmail.com as soon as possible.

Please note that the applications will be considered on a “First In” basis due to the limited capacity as advised so please do this at your earliest convenience to avoid missing out.

Sheikh Anwar will respond to all expressions of interest as soon as the premises is confirmed, and will provide information on the address, schedule, fees and the subjects covered which will include Quran Hifz and Islamic Studies covering various essential topics.

We thank Allah for this opportunity which will be of great benefit to the community and pray that Allah reward the Sheikh and all those involved in this initiative.

Ahmed Abdulla
Author: Ahmed Abdulla

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