Three people, Three situations, One problem. Drugs

Drugs and the community | 3 people. 3 situations. 1 problem 😔

As the UN International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking takes place, it is timely to reflect on the Drugs problem in our OWN community 💔

Meet Safoora, Hamia and Nadia. Three sisters whose lives were turned upside down in different ways by the scourge of drugs. Since 2013, we have been deeply involved in helping people out of problems created by drugs. And we did the same for these sisters.

🌐 Read about their stories and how we helped:


👉🏽 Help support our work among those affected by drugs in our community through your Sadaqah & Zakat:

This will make a big difference to how we can expand our operations to assist more people insha Allah

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