Online Islamic Summer School

I am honoured to present an ONLINE ISLAMIC SUMMER (Winter) SCHOOL program Ages 10+

6-week Online Short Course
by Sh Yahya Ibrahim

Registration here:

Six self-paced Essential Modules that require JUST 45 minutes a Day broken up in to 6 different mudules – running: MONDAY to FRIDAY

Me, Myself & Allah: Our Belief in God

A Juz A Day: A Summary of the Quran (Quizzes each day)

Living Online: 30 Hadith For Online Living

Dua A Day: Prophetic Prayers of Protections that are easy to learn, practice & apply

Purity: Tahara – Spiritual & Physical Purification & Cleanliness

Grill the Imam: Live Interactive Q & A With Shaykh Yahya regularly scheduled to cater those around the world.

Integrated Quizzes & Support all along the way inshaAllah

Registration is essential here:

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