Spiritual Material Blessings of “Fajr” Prayers

Every Muslim must get used to getting up not just at the crack of dawn but actually half an hour before it to begin the day with the ritual worship of “Salat Al Fajr” (dawn prayers). The Spiritual Success

What are the spiritual blessings of “salat al fajr”?

According to a “hadith” reported in “Sahih Mulsim”, Prophet Mohammed (Peace Be Upon Him) said that:

“The action which is dearest to Allah is “salat” (prayer) at its proper times.”

Prophet Mohammed (Peace Be Upon Him) said that “salat al fajr” along with “salat al isha” (the first and the last prayers) are particularly rich in blessings:

“If people only knew what blessings are in the fajr and isha prayers, they would come to them, even if they had to crawl.”(Bukhari and Muslim)

Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) also said;

“To perform the dawn prayer, (fajr), in congregation is like keeping vigil throughout the night.” (Muslim).

The Material Success

Allah says in the Qur’an;

“Certainly the believers have succeeded those who offer salat with devotion.” [Qur’an 23:2]

Certainly, Muslims achieve spiritual success when they perform “fajr” prayers regularly, but Muslims are also required to be materially successful and beneficial to this life, besides earning spiritual blessings for the next life (Hereafter).

Prophet Mohammed (Peace Be Upon Him) once said;

“There will dawn a time over people when the destruction of a man will be at the hands of his wife, parents, and children. They will humiliate him because of his poverty and will make such demands which will induce him to engage in such activities (to gain more money) which will finally destroy his religion.” (Narrated by Ibn Mas’ood and Abu Hurairah)

On the other hand, he (Peace Be Upon Him) also said;

“How excellent is the wealth of the Muslim”. (Sahih Bukhari hadith 4.95 Narrated by Abu Said Al Khudri)

It is hard work which makes us wealthy enough to take care of our families, keep on the straight path and avoid doing wrong in order to make ends meet. It is wealth which enables us to meet our obligation to pay “Zakat” (almsgiving). It is wealth which enables us to help others and contribute to “Dawah” (calling people to Islam) through additional charity. It is wealth which enables us to meet our obligation to go on “Hajj” (pilgrimage).

It is worth mentioning that it was wealthy Muslim traders who peacefully spread Islam throughout West Africa and the areas we now know as Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei.

So how can a Muslim turn getting up for “Fajr” prayers to his/hers material advantage? Certainly not by slinking back into bed again and snuggling up for another few hours.

As Prophet Mohammed (Peace Be Upon Him) said:

“The most excellent jihad is that for the conquest of self.” (Bukhari)

In this context, it is recommended that once you are up, stay up and do something useful. Work on your goals. If you don’t have any, set some. Decide what you want to achieve in life. Devise a plan to make those goals a reality then take action.

Take action now!

This is not hard on any believer, who really wants to achieve Allah’s (Subhanahu Wataala) material and spiritual blessings, Allah (Subhanahu Wataala) says;

“We do not lay a burden on anyone beyond his capacity.” [Qur’an 23:62]

It is always possible to turn these early hours to great advantage. It’s desirable and it’s beneficial. Muslims are obliged to get up for “fajr” anyway. From this we derive a spiritual advantage. Let’s stay up and get to work. Why have just one type of advantage while we can have a double advantage of “fajr” prayers- spiritually and materially.

Published on: August 16, 2004. From Link: islamonline.com

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