Sheikh Ahmed Parkar

Secretary of ANIC and Registered Marriage Celebrant
Brief info

The current secretary of ANIC's state council. Ahmed is also a registered marriage celebrant and has been serving as an Imam to the Perth Muslim community for over a decade.

Ahmed currently resides in Perth, Western Australia, Born in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, Ahmed Parkar actively sought Islamic Education from a young age. Having completed the memorization of the Qurʾān in his teenage years in Qatar, he went on to pursue religious education in Johannesburg, South Africa and Alexandria, Egypt. He then completed a Bachelor of Islamic Studies specialising in the sciences of hadeeth from the Islamic University of Madinah, being conferred ijāzāt (traditional licenses) under esteemed teachers in the Prophet’s Mosque.

Ahmed is a passionate educator. Having served in the Religion & Arabic Language Departments at Islamic schools for 5 years, Ahmed is currently working as a full-time mathematics teacher.

Minister of religion Registration number: W/20339

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