WILLETON – Zakariya Academy

WILLETON – Zakariya Academy
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Arabic Language & Islamic Studies Centre
Open today until 9:00 PM
Long Description

Zakariya Academy situated on Unit 2, 185 High Road, Willetton is operated by Green Garden Association (GGA), is a not-for-profit association.

Our Vision:
Our vision is to establish a Muslim community of mix multicultural people for the development of our society, sharing a common faith.

Our Agenda:
Our agenda is to teach our community to learn reading and understanding the Holy Quran to practice in our life.

Being in a multicultural community, we also identified an urgent need to teach other languages to our children to hold their heritage and pass it to the next generation. The languages are, namely: Bahasa, Bengali, Hindi, Malay, Tamil and Urdu.

Besides, we are planning to start the below classes:
  • Effective communication in English for mothers; and
  • Youth counseling program to learn and practice morality.
Please contact us today to learn more.
Imam: Sh. Suhail Muhammed 0452544902
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Unit 2, 185 High Road, Willetton, WA, Australia

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