Turkish Bakeries Pty Ltd
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Turkish Bread (“Ekmek”) is a staple part of the Turkish Culture and household. Aromas of freshly baked bread fill the street’s all over turkey as the local bakers start there day baking on every street corner.
Long Description

Turkish bread is an important part of the daily meal and is simply torn off and eaten alongside any meal, this delicious bread is always accompanied by Turkish tea, homemade jams & dips. The secret to Turkish Bread is still held dear by present-day Turkish bakers. Today you will still find the locals lowering their baskets from their balconies down to the baker below for fresh bread daily. Our breads are made from local flours with no preservatives or additives and are baked in stone ovens using traditional methods, by a team of specific experienced Turkish and Artisan bakers.

Phone Number
(08) 6557 1000
177 Planet St, Perth, WA, Australia
Halal Certification
WAHA: Western Australia Halal Authority

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