THORNLIE – Australian Islamic College

THORNLIE – Australian Islamic College
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THORNLIE - Australian Islamic College
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Thornlie Masjid is part of Australian Islamic College (AIC) Thornlie that serves as a place of worship firstly for AIC students and secondly the community.

​A non paid masjid committee is appointed by the AIC Executive Principal to manage all the daily affairs of the masjid. Due to strict school and Shire of Gosnells regulations, our Masjid has restricted opening and closing times including maximum numbers of worshippers at any given time.

The masjid committee consists of 11 members including  an Amir (Rashid Adams) and an appointed imam (Sheikh Safdar Parkar),

Phone Number
(08) 9452 3531
26 Clancy Way, Thornlie, WA, Australia

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