SOUTHERN RIVER – Masjid Ibrahim

SOUTHERN RIVER – Masjid Ibrahim
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SOUTHERN RIVER - Masjid Ibrahim
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Inspired by the decent of Sayiduna Jibril [a.s.] with the revelation of surah al –‘alaq, the foundations of knowledge was laid over a period of some 23 years by Our Master [s.a.w.]. A legacy of knowledge & inspiration which transcended time, just as it transcended gender, nationality, culture and age; preserved by true scholarship in an unadulterated form at masaajid & the great institutions of the Islamic world which served as the nucleus of this preservation. In an age of mass confusion the vision of Masjid Ibrahim, it’s Darul Uloom, Maktab and various other programs is to provide an avenue to authentic & qualified Islamic knowledge at EVERY LEVEL to every adult & child, male & female, in a traditional yet professional manner using all the skills and means at its disposal

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0412 785 919
1526 Southern River Road, Southern River, WA, Australia

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