MAYLANDS – Islamic Centre of WA

MAYLANDS – Islamic Centre of WA
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MAYLANDS - Islamic Centre of WA
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MAYLANDS - Islamic Centre of WA

The Islamic Centre of WA will be open for the public in accordance with government Phase 3 COVID-19 guidelines and regulations.

Please take careful note of the following details:

Every attendee is required to register their details upon entering the Masjid as per government guidelines.


The five daily prayers and Friday (Jumuah) prayer will be open to the public. Doors will be locked when 100 spots are taken or 10 minutes before the iqama is made.

Friday Khutbah starts at 1:30 pm

Ensure you come with wudhu as well as your own prayer mats. If you are unwell please stay at home until you get better inshaAllah.

Please abide by the instructions provided by the volunteers and the guidelines outlined.

May Allah reward you for your patience and understanding

Phone Number
(08) 9271 3332
238 Guildford, Maylands, WA, Australia

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