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Alhamdulilah we are blessed to introduce Al-Rafeeq. An organisation created for the well-being of revert Muslims and those wanting to be reintroduced to Islam. Al-Rafeeq has been created by
reverts to better understand the needs of the revert community. Our goal is to enable reverts to better integrate into the community by introducing them to the wider community that they can feel part of.

Who we are
Our organisation is led by Shaik Abdur Raheem and supported by David Femia, Hafiz Abdullah and Suleyman Foster.

What we will do
We will have regular educational events to introduce brothers and sisters to Islam. These events will also include regular social events to enable closer ties. Support our members by referring them to community-wide support and events.

Your brothers in Islam,

Phone Number
+61 402 123 778
12 Drumond St, Bedford, WA

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