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Section summaries of the Holy Qur'an for Taraawiih Salaah - 'The Ascensions' Print E-mail
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Monday, 30 May 2016

As-Salaamu 'Alaykum 

This book entitled 'THE ASCENSIONS' is a summary of the Qur'aanic message recited in the Taraawiih Salaah during the sacred nights of the Holy month of Ramadaan

The compilation of this Taraawiih summary is modest endeavour in providing a synopsis of the Qur’aanic message for the benefit of English speakers who are unfamiliar with classical Arabic, the language in which the Holy Qur’aan was revealed and recited.

Procedures surrounding the performance of Taraawiih Salaah vary, with many Masjids opting to complete the full recitation of the Holy Qur’aan on the twenty-ninth night of Ramadaan. The current book is prepared keeping this arrangement in mind.

It is recommended that the relevant section be :


•           Read at home before going to thMasjid for Taraawiih Salaah,

•           Read out by the Imaam in the Masjid just before the Taraawiih Salaah commences. This should take no more than five to ten minutes.

•           Presented as a Da’wah tool to non-Muslims as a general induction into the themes, subject matter and style of the Qur’aan.


These summaries also make for convenient reading throughout the year as a means of refreshing hearts and minds with it’s sacred message.


The Ascensions


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