Imam Hisham Obeid

Imam and Registered Marriage Celebrant
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Imam and Registered Muslim Marriage Celebrant

I was born in Damascus, Syria on the 9th of September 1968 and migrated to Perth, Western Australia in December 1970 at the age to two. I have seen Perth grow from a small community of one Mosque and a few thousand Muslims to this flourishing multicultural community of about 50,000 Muslims with over fifteen places of prayer and such a broad range of services and facilities. We praise All-Mighty Allah for His innumerable blessings on us. After completing my high school education, I started pursuing a diploma in chartered accounting. This was put on hold when I realised the need for religious education and Scholars in Perth, so under the guidance of Sheikh Abbas Ali, I set off in pursuit of Islamic knowledge.

I have studied under many eminent scholars in places like The Islamic University of South Africa and The Islamic University of Karachi. I have acquired a Masters Degree in Islamic Studies and a Bachelors Degree in Arabic, as well as qualifications in counselling and community welfare. I enjoyed playing a community role delivering Friday sermons, running educational classes, Da’wa (propagation of Islam) and Islamic Counselling and Marriage Counselling. I am an authorised Civil and Islamic Marriage Celebrant with over 14 years of experience and happily married with three children, Wal-Humdulillah.

I am a Registered Marriage Celebrant as well as a fully qualified Imam which allows me to perform both civil and Islamic weddings anywhere in Australia. I offer a choice of ceremonies to suit your needs. Either an Islamic marriage only (Islamic Nikah), both Islamic and civil marriage in the one ceremony or just a civil marriage ceremony (if you have previously done your Islamic Marriage and you wish to have it registered). The marriage ceremony can be conducted in both English and Arabic and caters for couples from all ethnic backgrounds and can accommodate a diversity of audiences, Muslim or Non-Muslim.

Can also be contacted on: 0418 881 321

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