Weemilah Farm

Weemilah Farm
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We have a yearly limited supply of Paddock to Plate Beef & Australorp Chickens (free range & organic - grass-fed grass-finished) where you can buy Cows or Chickens and Butcher your own cow for your purposes in Halal tradition. We do not butcher or process any meat.

Call or email for your forward orders and select the produce on our farm.
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Paddock to Plate Beef: A True Farm-to-Table Experience

Ever dreamt of enjoying authentic, organic beef, truly fresh from the farm? We offer a yearly limited supply of our Paddock to Plate Beef, ensuring the highest quality with organic practices. Our cows are grass-fed and grass-finished, promising natural and flavorful beef, just as nature intended.

For those who cherish traditions, you have the unique opportunity to butcher your own cow on our farm, following Halal practices. It's a chance to connect directly with your food, ensuring your meat is prepared in line with your beliefs and preferences.

Please note: We prioritize the well-being of our animals and ethical practices. We do not engage in butchering or meat processing. This is purely a hands-on experience for our customers.

To ensure your share of this limited offering:

Come, select your produce right from our farm, and place your forward orders today. Experience the authenticity and freshness, straight from the paddock to your plate.

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Bedfordale, Perth, Western Australia
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