WANGARA – Alhidayah Centre Masjid & Madrasah

WANGARA – Alhidayah Centre Masjid & Madrasah
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WANGARA - Alhidaya Centre Masjid
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Alhidayah Centre

Alhidayah Centre where young minds meet and grow. A place to belong where values are respected and respect valued. Join this group and support community activities.

Core Values and Principles

* Thinking. Watching. Doing.
* Spirit of Inquiry & Discovery
* Spiritual & Character Education
* Challenging & Inspirational Ideas
* Effective Teaching & Learning
* Instruction Assessment
Our goals are to provide community services and support for all ages.

Phone Number
(08) 9309 6691
29 Berriman Drive, Wangara, WA, Australia
  • WANGARA – Alhidayah Centre Masjid & Madrasah

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