Australian Islamic Collage (AIC) – Kewdale Campus
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K to 12 (Boys and Girls)
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About AIC

The Australian Islamic College Kewdale is a God-centred, co-educational institution (K to 12) which provides a high level of academic and integrated Islamic education through its network of three colleges in Perth.

Since 1986, this Islamic educational facility has provided the best in academic achievement and in its philosophy of high morals and conduct. AIC believes that a solid academic education coupled with morals and values teachings is the greatest legacy for its students.

The College has a unique mix of students from a wide variety of cultural and ethnic backgrounds allowing students to develop a better understanding and appreciation for Australia’s multicultural society. Students are taught to be proud Australian citizens and to contribute in building a prosperous, harmonious and safe Australia.

With its intensive ESL training for New Arrivals and Gifted and Talented program for exceptional students, the AIC provides for the varying needs of its students population with exceptional results.

The College’s success in achieving its educational objectives is attributed to its network of experienced teachers, its emphasis on effective learning and its goal of inspiring its youth to aim for excellence in both academic and personal spheres of life.

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(08) 9362 2100
(08) 9362 5810
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139 President Street, Kewdale, WA, Australia

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