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Al-Ameen College
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K to 12 (Boys and Girls)
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Langford Islamic College grew from humble beginnings in 2004, with just 16 students and 10 staff.
Each day our College grew in an Islamic, value-enriched environment where students are nurtured to develop life-long skills for seeking knowledge, demonstrating resilience, providing selfless community service and growing Iman and love for Allah, God al-Mighty.

Our students live these values as Australian Muslims committed to active citizenship and the fellowship of man.
Now attended by more than 1,100 students and their families, We now welcome a new stage of maturity for our College, celebrating the opening of the Learning Centre. With our newly built state-of-the-art Language centre, Art studio and Science labs, we aspire to remain a leader in private school education in Western Australia, Insha-Allah.
We are preparing for our second campus, allowing even more students to be welcomed into our community, we are honoured to reflect our new name: Al-Ameen College.
Al-Ameen, The trustworthy one, This isn’t simply a description of our prophet the great messenger of Islam, Mohammed – peace and blessings be upon him. It is entirely a system of life. The way that we have been ordered and nurtured by the light of divine revelation and scripture.

The aim of achieving trustworthiness is to find balance within our self and within all that we live amongst. Our hope is to model the behaviour of the great saviour of humanity our Messenger Muhammed sala Allahu alihi wasSalam By following his illuminate, moderate path. It is the way of prophethood to surrender to God and be of compassion, love, equity, fairness, and justice. To give when others withhold, to share when others refuse, to build when others tear down. And to carry on when others lose hope.
Al-Ameen defines us!

About Al-Ameen College (Formally Known as Langford Islamic College)

Al-Ameen College was established in 2004 to provide a high-quality secular and religious education in an Islamic environment, thus enabling students to succeed in a constantly-changing world.

Al-Ameen College is governed by an independent Board of Governors who are committed to providing educational facilities in order to enable Muslim children to gain the highest level of secular and religious education within an Islamic environment, so as to equip them with knowledge and values to take their rightful place as productive and respectful citizens in the Australian society.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide a high standard of secular and religious education to equip our students to achieve success in this life and in the hereafter.

Our Mission

To provide an inspiring Creator-centric, values enriched, and disciplined learning environment where students are nurtured to develop life-long skills for seeking knowledge in order to attain their full potential academically and spiritually, to make a valuable contribution to the global community as educated, informed, and virtuous citizens.

The College nurtures the total development of each student in a safe, orderly, caring, and supportive environment with the cooperation of parents, guardians, and the College community. Particular emphasis is given to the mastery of Literacy and Numeracy.


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57 Southgate Road, Langford, WA, Australia

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