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Community Support Needed for Muslim Prayer Room Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Sunday, 29 July 2007
Salam’u’Alaykum Brothers & Sisters,
There is a new hospital being built in Murdoch called the Fiona Stanley Hospital.  When completed, it will be the largest hospital and the leading health facility in Western Australia.  The Health Department is running a community survey asking the public what facilities and services they would like to be part of the final design.  We have also been informed that the information gathered through these consultations would be used in the revamp of all the current hospitals in WA.   Muslim Patients, Muslim Health Professionals and Students all have a great need for a Prayer Room.  This community survey is a fantastic one-off opportunity to address the issue of a Prayer Room while the hospital is still in it’s design phase – instead of fighting an uphill battle once its already designed and constructed!   
The main issue facing the Muslim community & the Health Department is whether to provide a Multi-faith room or a Separate Muslim Prayer Room.  It is important for us as Muslims, to unite on this issue and to push for a separate Muslim Prayer Room.   Please read the attachment for some points on the why we need a separate prayer room and how a multi-faith room is not adequate.   Briefly, only a separate room can ensure that we are always able to perform our 5 daily compulsory prayers undisturbed, have adequate space to prostrate, bow, etc, and maintain the area clean and free from any pictorial or other representation of idolatory. 
We have been in some preliminary discussions with the Health Department on the issue of a separate prayer room.  They revealed to us that initially they were not considering a separate Muslim prayer room but would rather design a multi-faith room.  However, since the point has been raised they are now considering the issue and are interested in gauging the level of Muslim community need and support for a separate prayer room. 
This survey is a great opportunity for the Muslim community to work together to provide a facility that will benefit this Ummah for generations to come and inshAllah be a continual source of good deeds for those who support & work towards making it a reality.  The closing date is soon approaching so please take the time to fill it out ASAP. 
The relevant parts of the survey will only take 5 minutes to complete – please follow the steps below:
2)       Click on “Fiona Stanley Hospital Community Survey - Full version”   
3)       It’s a long survey – but you only need to fill out the areas that are relevant to you – see below
4)       Goto – Page 29How important is it for the following services to be provided in a major hospital”  - halfway down you’ll see “Spirtual Areas” – circle 5 for the most important
5)       Goto – Page 30 – “What peaceful/quiet areas or private areas should be provided within a hospital? Etc etc
a.       Please write that we need a Separate Muslim Prayer Room -
b.       Giving some reasons as to why will strengthen our case – please see attachment for some points
6)       Print Survey à
a.       Post It (see survey for address)
b.       Fax it à 08 9228 1970
The closing date is THIS Friday August 3rd
Again I cannot stress enough the golden opportunity that we have now to unite as a community and push for a separate Muslim prayer room at the new Fiona Stanley Hospital – a facility that will no doubt be used by thousands of Muslim patients, staff and students.  There is great reward in facilitating the construction of a place devoted to the worship of Allah (swt) and inshAllah this will be a form of good deeds even after we have left this world.
Muslim Prayer Room RequirementsMay Allah Reward you for your efforts,
WA Muslim Health Reference Group   
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